7 Creative Things to do with a Hot Glue Gun in 2019

7 Creative Things to do with a Hot Glue Gun in 2019

Are you an Art & Craft lover, or someone who is always looking around to get one or other DIY pro tips to make something great out of it? If yes! Then you must always carry a Hot Glue Gun in your pocket. Why? Because you can use it in doing so many creative things that you might ever think of. Also, the Glue Guns are cheap, convenient and easy to carry and use. Stick with us as we will be telling you some hot glue gun hacks you can that you can use to create something awesome.

7 Creative Things to do with a Hot Glue Gun in 2019:

Decorate a Vase:

Hot Glue Gun is not only to stick things together. There are many Got Glue Gun crafts. Suppose, you have an old vase, pick up your hot glue gun and some Glitter Glue Sticks, and start decorating it. You can give the vase any colorful pattern or design, the glitter effect of the glue sticks will make it look beautiful.

A customized Mobile cover:

Yes! You don’t need to spend on your mobile cover, you can do it your self as you prefer. All you need to do is to cover your cellphone with polythene. Take a glue gun make the outlines of the cover through the corners as they should be to hold on to your mobile. Make the designs on the backside as you wish, make sure you do leave the camera space and any other space such as USB jack. All the designs on the back should somehow connect to the outlines, designs may be in a zig-zag pattern, floral, or anything.

Once it’s dry, remove the polythene from mobile. Remove the polythene stuck to the newly made cover. Now you’re good to use it as a cover. Use colourful glue sticks or glitter glue sticks for better effects.

Tighten your ring:

Your loved one gifted you a ring? Don’t worry if it doesn’t fit Grab a glue gun, pour a little glue in a hot pot, so it stays in a liquid state. Dip the lower end of your ring into it slightly. The glue will stick to it and will dry, thus making your rings lower end thick, so it will start fitting you perfectly.

DIY Customize the slippery shoes:

In case you have a pair of footwear that is too slippery, don’t worry! Get a glue gun and those pair of shoes, and be ready for one of the very useful hot glue gun hacks. Just make some even uniform zig-zag pattern at the toe and back part of that shoe, leave the palm area. Remember, the glue should not be thick or thin at any point, it should be even throughout. Let it dry and you will see that your shoe won’t be slippery anymore.

A crown for the queen:

One of the famous hot glue gun crafts makes a beautiful crown for the beautiful queen. Print out a templet or draw a design by yourself. Use your hot glue gun to make the design of the crown on polythene. Once it’s almost dry, peel it off the polythene and attach it to your hair band properly. Use the Glitter Glue Sticks to give them a glittery effect.

Give your pet a message:

Grab a glove and apply hot glue dots all over the fingers and palm. Let it dry. Now, give your pet a message. The dried dots will give you extra friction, that will provide your pet with extra pleasure and will remove the hairs also.

Modify your cloth hangers:

Do clothes keep falling off the hangers? Do not worry. We have one more hot glue gun hack for you. Just grab a Glue Gun and the hanger. Apply a few glue dots on both the upper side of the hanger where the shoulders rest. Let it dry. The dots will provide the necessary friction and will prevent the cloths from falling.

This was our list of 7 creative things to do with the hot glue gun in 2019. Use these 7 hot glue gun hacks as the DIY tricks to create or enhance something. All the tricks are easy to use.


Author:- Saharsh W. S. Rathore