4 Romantic Hot Glue Gun Craft Ideas for Valentine’s Day

4 Romantic Hot Glue Gun Craft Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Just like every year, Valentine ’s Day is here, and with that, we are here to present you the Romantic Hot Glue Gun Craft Ideas for Valentine’s Day.

The celebration of love has already begun and we can already see the rush of the buyers on the shops to buy gifts and chocolates for their loved one, it’s so good to see so much of love out there. But, the context behind giving gifts to your loved one is not only about buying something and wrapping it before giving.

It is all about the emotions and feelings behind it, and the feeling conveys best when you gift something you made. Yes! The feeling multiplies and so does the value of the gift. Now, you might be asking what can you really make something of worth? Well, yes of course. With a Hot Glue Gun in your hand and our Valentine Day ideas for couples, you can make few amazing things to gift.

4 Romantic Hot Glue Gun Craft ideas for Valentine’s day: -

  • The couple Neck-Less: - Wish to gift your loved ones one of those trending couple heart neckless?
  1. Take a pink coloured thick drawing sheet. Cut a heart out of it, you can choose the size.
  2. Take the heart and cut it from the middle in a way that it gets the shape of a broken heart on both the sides, the uneven cut.
  3. Take a Glue gun and load it with a glitter glue stick.
  4. Apply the glue in front of both heart pieces carefully; give it a nice finishing having a glossy look.
  5. Make a tiny holder ring with a wire and stick it to the back of the heart with the help of glue gun, the ring will hold the heart with the chain.
  6. Get 2 chains, insert your own made heart locket in the chains.

Gift one end to your loved one and wear one by yourself. Super romantic, isn’t it?

  • The Love bird T-shirts: - This can be a perfect valentine gift idea for him or her.
  1. Take a white plain t-shirt. It must be of the size that fits your loved one.
  2. Take a Hot glue Gun and load it with a transparent glue stick.
  3. Write a love quote or name or message, whatever you like using the glue through the glue gun. You can write on the back or front, small or big, as you like. Let the glue dry.
  4. Use colored water or spray to sprinkle the color around the areas of the t-shirt, especially around your written quote, use pink for a more romantic look. Let it dry.
  5. Simply peel off the glue.

You will be left with a romantic quote written on a beautiful looking t-shirt that you can gift to him or her.

  • A Crown for your Queen: - Gift your queen a crown that is made all by your love.
  1. Print out a not so complex design of a crown on a butter paper or draw something yourself.
  2. Use your hot glue gun to draw over it. Use Glitter Glue Sticks for better looks. Let it dry.
  3. Peel the whole design off the paper, make sure it comes out in one piece.
  4. Attach the crown to a hairband, use a glue gun to get a strong bond.

Let your girl flaunt the crown you gifted her this valentine’s day.

  • DIY Valentine's Day card for Couples: - This is one of the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for a couple.
  1. Make a card from a sheet.
  2. Write some romantic texts on it and paste some photos.
  3. Use your hot glue gun to draw hearts and other shapes on it. Use glitter glue sticks to get the beautiful
  4. Use a hot glue gun to paste tiny flowers on it.

Gift the card to your loved ones.

Try these few best hot glue gun crafts for valentine’s day. Gift something with all your heart and love and watch them go Gaga over it.

Keep Loving!


Author:- Saharsh W. S. Rathore