Top 5 Hot Glue Gun Craft Ideas for Women’s Day

Happy Women’s Day to all the Women out there. Today is the day we celebrate to pay respect to the women of our society. All of their achievements, all their sacrifices, and everything they have done for our society definitely worth a celebration. Keeping the same spirit in our hearts, we have decided to bring you women’s day craft ideas. Women are a synonym of creativity and improvisation, and the same goes for our Hot Glue gun too. Thus, we have decided to bring you 6 glue gun hacks for women.

All these glue gun craft ideas are our pick for top crafts for international women's day. So, all women must try them out, and let us know how much they helped in your creativity and improvisation.

Top 5 Hot Glue Gun Craft Ideas for Women’s Day

1. The Knife Cover

To all the master chef women cooking at their homes. It is necessary and safe to keep your knife covered. You can do it with the help of a hot glue gun. Apply Vaseline all over your knife’s blade area. Take your hot glue gun with the glue stick loaded in it. Start applying the glue all over the blade, try to fill all the spots, shape it like a knife cover. Let it dry. Once it is dry, you have your knife cover ready. You can pull the knife out and put it in again whenever you want. Isn’t it one of the most convenient glue gun uses for women?


2. Replace your Earring Backs

It happens a lot with your most favorite earrings, every time you think of wearing them, you won’t be able to find your earring backs. But don’t worry. We have a glue gun girly hack for this. Take a glue gun stick, cut it vertically in the size of your earring back. Pierce it through your earring, and you are done. You can use it as the earring back at any time.

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3. The Women’s day crown

One of the best women’s hack with the hot glue gun is the Crown. Take polythene and draw a crown’s design on it. Take your hot glue gun with a hot glue gun stick loaded in it. Draw it over the design, try to connect every part of it. Let it dry, once it is dry, peel it off and attach it to your hair band. You have your women’s day crown ready. Use multicolor Glue gun stick or Glitter Glue sticks for a better look.


4. DIY Lovely bracelet

Make your own beautiful looking bracelet with the help of our glue gun. Simply pour the glue in the shape of a wrist band, keep it off your preferred size. Carefully place the tiny diamonds, and stars or any other thing you wish to put on it. Let it dry. Once it is dry, you can attach a hook to it and wear it like a Rockstar. Aren’t these Glue gun girly hacks amazing? Use a multicolor or glitter glue sticks for a better look.

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5. Resize your women’s day ring

Your loved ones gifted you a ring on the valentine’s day? Great! Don’t worry if it doesn’t fit you properly. Our Glue Gun hacks for women are here to help you. Simply take your glue gun loaded with a glue stick, pour a drop of hot glue at the bottom side of your ring. Let the glue settle in according to the shape. Let it dry. Now wear it. It will fit you perfectly. And you can even peel off the glue if you want to remove it.

 These hot glue gun craft ideas for women are amazing. You can use these ideas to make things much more convenient for you, you can also create some amazing things for yourself. There are many Glue gun hacks for women, but these 5 are our top picks for women day.


Author:- Saharsh W. S. Rathore