Unable to sleep? Here are the top 6 reasons why you are sleepless!

Sleepless nights make life difficult, and there is no two ways about it. We all have been through this phase in life where we find ourselves awake till late at night or throughout the night at times. Ah, needless to mention the headache, irritation, weakness, lower energy, fatigue, and all the troubling effects of being unable to sleep last night. So, here are some reasons you can find yourself unable to sleep!

Why are you unable to sleep?

Check out these reasons, you will surely find one (or more) of them familiar to you.

Stress and anxiety

One of the most common reasons behind sleeplessness, stress, and anxiety are sleep killers. Especially, in today's crazy time when coronavirus has turned our lives upside down, finding a good night's sleep has become a dream. If you find yourself unable to deal with stress, tensions, and nervousness in the daytime, you will surely have difficult nighttime.

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Overthinking is an art of creating problems that don't even exist, and it is an art of saying goodbye to your sleep. Sometimes, all those stressors that we deal with throughout the day can make us overthink. The fact is, sometimes you need to let go, or go with the flow, your mind needs to be relaxed to sleep, not crowded by thoughts.

Your diet

Heavy meals before bedtime can again contribute to sleepless nights. When you eat heavy, gas, acidity, indigestion and other stomach related issues can keep you awake. Eating light and healthy is a great way and it won't interrupt your sleep.

Sedentary lifestyle

Lack of exercise makes you lazy, being inactive is bad for your sleep and for your overall health. Try to find some time from your busy schedule and indulge in some exercise, it will help you sleep well and sleep throughout the night.


Some medications can have sedentary effects while others can interfere with sleep. Plan your medicines and its timings accordingly so that when you go to bed, you don't face problems to fall asleep. 

Final words

So, these are some reasons why you may ask yourself why I am unable to sleep! Find ways to improve your sleep quality so that you don't have to face the issues the next day.